Hotel Booking without Credit Card in U.K.

One of the most important arrangements that needs to be sorted out when travelling is accommodation. It is always best to make bookings ahead to avoid scenarios where you are stranded because there are no available travel tickets or hotel rooms. Perhaps because we are so used to using it to pay for everything, there is the assumption that is not possible to do hotel room booking without a credit card. It is in fact possible.

Room booking options apart from a credit card

To book a hotel room without using a credit card, you need to pay a deposit in advance through a bank transfer. The amount required is usually the amount that the first night's stay will cost. Some hotels may want to be paid for the first two or three nights upfront. A deposit is usually required when hotel reservation without a credit card is being made because a credit card gives a hotel a 98% chance that they will collect what you owe them.

Apart from bank transfer, a booking can also be done using a debit card. Visa and MasterCards debit cards are accepted in almost the hotels in the world. You will need to call the hotel ahead and find out their policy about making reservations using debit cards or paying cash. Some hotels in UK will accept a debit card but they will take out a refundable deposit to cover incidentals, such as taking a drink from the minibar in the room or the movies that are paid per view. There are also hotels that will accept cash along with your checking account information. Perhaps your budget is for stays at smaller, non-chain hotels. Or perhaps you want to mix up your itinerary by staying at hotels of different classes. You may find that is different with smaller hotels. They may be more open to taking cash payments and may not be as demanding in terms of corporate procedures especially when it comes to return guests.

The best way to book without a credit card is to use our search. We will show you all bookable hotels without a credit card in U.K. via the direct search over where you can book globally.

Is travelling without credit card better?

One of the main reasons for using a credit card is the safety factor. It eliminates the need to carry cash. However, credit cards have their disadvantages too and one is the tendency to overspend. Vacations and holidays like Christmas are two times when people tend to spend big. When paying in cash, you tend to think about the purchase more than if you only have to hand over your card and have everything charged to it. Accommodation and the cost of tickets if you are travelling by air are the two largest travel expenses. If you can take care of this in cash and keep your credit card for emergencies only, you are much less likely to overspend.

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