Hotel Booking without Credit Card in Thailand

The most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia is Thailand and with good reason. In fact, there are several good reasons if you count all the attractions one by one. There is also the fact that it is possible to enjoy the jungle as well as the ocean and beaches at this location. Add in the rich culture and cuisine and it becomes clear why this country has won the hearts of many travelers. The history is also deep, going back to centuries back making this a great place to see historic sights and collect mementos. Thailand is also known for its predominantly Buddhist religion.

Room booking without credit card in Thailand

Thailand relies heavily on tourism for revenue. There are therefore several accommodation options from budget hotels to five-star resorts with spas and everything in between. The many options make accommodation in Thailand very affordable. When travelling to a new place, making arrangements in advance is the norm. It is important to be certain that you will get the travel tickets to your intended destination at a precise time. The same goes for accommodation. It would not make much sense to get packed and head to the airport to take chance on whether a ticket to a specific destination will be available or not. It would also not be prudent to head out without having made arrangements for accommodation by making a room reservation.

Is booking a hotel without a credit card possible?

While making a room reservation remains the norm, the way it is done has changed. Today, it is possible to book a hotel without a credit card not only in Thailand but several countries around the world. It is a change that many travelers have found helpful. In the case of group travel, such as travel for official duties that is being sponsored by a company, it has been helpful for the company to pay for their employees hotel accommodation by other means other than a credit card such as by making a check out to the hotel or wiring money to the hotel's account. Not every company has a business credit card. The same goes for group travel for friends or family members. It may be that not all of them have a credit card to pay for hotel reservations. Pooling the money needed and getting a banker's check or making a bank deposit sorts everything out without inconveniencing anyone. Travelers are also feeling more secure when they don't rely on a credit card when they are abroad. Cases of fraud that involve accessing funds from stolen credit cards by getting hold of one's personal details are on the rise. Tourists are also often targeted and robbed for their credit cards. When everything has been taken care of by other means and one is not constantly swiping a credit card, safety is enhanced. Also, the nightmare of having to wait to get replacement credit cards in a foreign country, finding out where to report the matter and being stuck because of relying on credit cards to pay for everything is eliminated.

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Chiang Mai



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