Hotel Booking without Credit Card in South Africa

Contrary to popular belief, it is quite easy to book a hostel, Guesthouse, B&B, and even a hotel without credit card in Johannesburg or Cape Town. Booking a hotel without credit card in Johannesburg or Cape Town beforehand is important as it ensures you have an inconvenience-free visit to this beautiful country. One of the benefits to making your hotel reservation without credit card in South Africa is that you are spared from the inconveniences of booking hotels in a strange new country.

Hotel Reservation without Credit Card in South Africa

Hotel booking options in South Africa are flexible and allow for a number of ways to reserve a hotel room. There are many hotels in Johannesburg and Cape Town that you can book hotel rooms without credit cards; all you need to do is simply phone ahead and ask the hotel to reserve a room for you. There are some hotels that may charge you a small deposit for reserving a room but even then, you can simply pay using money transfer services, cash, a debit card, personal cheques, and online payment platforms. From affordable, family budget hotels to the most luxurious hotels, you can simply call and ask to book hotel rooms or any other hotel reservation without credit card then pay for them upon your arrival or when you are checking out.

Hotel Reservation without Credit Cards

Trust and reliability are vital when it comes to room booking a hotel without credit card. Hotels need to be able to trust you to keep your reservation and you need to be able to rely on them. It is for this reason that you can book hotel rooms in most hotels and they would hold the room, as a courtesy to you, until your day of arrival. But if you make a reservation in hotel without credit card in a hotel that does not offer "courtesy reservations," you can simply find out from the hotel the forms of guarantee you can use to reserve your room.

It is easy to book hotel rooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg without the use of credit cards. This is because South African hotels want your business and thus are willing to accept most booking options as well as hotel reservation without credit card.

Travelling in Africa without Credit Card in general

Unlike what most people think, making a hotel reservation without a credit card is possible. In Africa especially, most hotels just require you to phone ahead and ask to reserve a room. Of course there are some hotels that charge a small deposit for room booking. The booking processes that require deposits are usually straightforward and easy just as booking with a credit card. One of the benefits of booking a room without using a credit card in Africa is that you are spared from all the inconveniences that come with booking a hotel in a strange new country.

Room Booking Options in Africa

Most hotels across Africa offer a variety of options for booking a hotel room. There are quite a number of hotels that do not charge any booking fees for making reservations. For hotels which require no advance payment reservations, you simply have to call and ask to reserve the room of your preference then simply pay for the hotel room upon arrival or when checking out. Some hotels, however, charge a fee for booking as a guarantee that you will indeed take the room you have booked and another fee if you cancel your reservation. One can use cash, a debit card, "pay on-line", personal cheques, or even mobile money transfer services to secure accommodations. In some cases, hotels do accept bank information in lieu of credit cards. Unlike in European countries, finding a hotel in Africa that allows clients to book hotel rooms with cash or debit cards instead of credit cards is rather easy. This is because most hotels in Africa want the business; and thus they have easy room booking options to make the transaction happen without any extra charges.

There are a number of benefits to securing a room in Africa without using your credit card. The most obvious one is to avoid credit card fraud. Although most hotels have decent fraud detection systems in place, it is always best to take precaution. Another benefit to room booking in a hotel without credit card is that you are free to choose your preferred payment method with which to pay for your reservation.

Room Booking Without Credit Cards in Africa

Generally, in Africa you can reserve a room by simply asking the hotel to waive their requirement for a credit card. The hotel would then reserve the room, as a courtesy to you, until an agreed upon time or on your day of arrival. Trust and reliability are very important in room booking as hotels need these aspects to guarantee reservations. Thus, when room booking without your credit card, it is essential that you find out the hotel's policy on the same by contacting the hotel directly. Since some hotels require some form of guarantee to book a room for you, you can make a down payment via their website or make a direct payment for your reservation at the hotel once you arrive at their establishment.

Hotel reservations in Africa are indeed possible, even without the use of credit cards.

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