Hotel Booking without Credit Card in Philippines

It's more fun in the Philippines' is the country's tourism motto. Indeed, this Asian country offers a lot of enjoyable activities for visitors. With the fourth largest coastline in the world, you can spend days at the seemingly endless beaches and enjoy the warm tropical islands. You can also dive in and enjoy various water sports. You will also love getting a taste of the culture including riding the tricycles, jeepneys and outrigger boats, sampling local cuisine, the festivals, fiestas and of course, the warm and friendly people. History lovers will enjoy the history lessons they can get from the World War II wrecks to the UNDESCO World Heritage Reefs. Add the underground river, limestone Chocolate Hills, sunken underwater islands, a lake within a volcano with a lake and you have a gem of a tourist destination.

Room booking without credit card

Travel always requires that prior arrangements are made, from booking tickets to arranging accommodation. Making advance arrangements prevents a situation where one is stranded in a foreign place with no place to stay. While flights are always getting delayed, having a booking still ensures that one will get to where they are going compared to just heading to the airport and taking chances about getting a flight. When it comes to room booking, the standard procedure has always been to make a hotel reservation and make a payment for it using a credit card. Many hotels and resorts in Philippines realize that having online presence is crucial in letting people access information about them easily and quickly and also to make reservations. Many have online reservations platforms so that one can make their reservation and pay for it from anywhere in the world.

Booking a hotel without a credit card in Philippines

Over the recent years, standard practices have changed when it comes to making a hotel reservation not only in Philippines but many other countries around the world. Today, it is possible to book a hotel without a credit card. This provision takes care of those who do not have credit cards and those who may not have enough of the amount needed to make a reservation. Also, there is always a risk of maxing out credit after paying for meals, fun and leisure activities, taxis and yes, the hotel room. Being able to pay for the two biggest expenses, tickets and accommodation by other means other than a credit card leaves one with enough spending money while traveling. Also, some travelers prefer to save their credit cards for emergencies only, which is really as it should be. Recognizing this, hotels in Philippines are open to receiving payment for room reservation by other means. One is cash which can be deposited directly in a hotel's account. Hotels are also taking Banker's Check and traveler's checks which guarantee payment like credit cards do. Even with these options though, making arrangements in advance is still required especially when paying by cash deposit or check from your country.

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Makati City

Cebu City

Lapu-Lapu City





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