Hotel Booking without Credit Card in Malaysia

When arriving in Malaysia where the stay will probably be longer than a night or two,it is wise to book a hotel before travel. Unless there are family members there that can be called on for room and board, life is sweeter if a hotel is booked before travel. There are hundreds of hotels in Malaysia and by booking a room in advance time spent in that exotic location will be more pleasant.

Room Booking Means Planning Ahead

Do some research before travelling to Malaysia, find a hotel that suits your needs and make sure it fits your budget. Booking an hotel without a credit card can create problems so a large bundle of cash is required or full bank details with check account details. Make sure all the fine print is read before booking. Understand extra charges, maybe for other people sharing a room or having a cot set up for a child. Look for the child staying rules, sometimes children are free. Read a hotel's policy about payment, hotel booking without credit card in Malaysia is not always possible. Avoid embarrassment and know the house rules.

Without Credit Card Life Can Get Complicated

It is possible to pay for a hotel room with a debit card or cash. A hotel may charge for the trouble it involves but it is possible. An hotel will need full bank details to complete a transaction. A referee in the visiting country may help the process along. Compare hotels before travelling and discover one that will suit your financial set-up. Payment may need to be made by cash, debit card or Paypal. Before travel decide exactly what is wanted from a holiday, will it be a seaside time or a chance to view ancient treasures. Find a hotel that is located on the beach or near the museum. Book a room the size that is needed. Extra space and the cost of it may be not what is wanted. Often hotels are cheaper if they are off the beaten track and regulations about payment may be easier.

Call The Hotel Directly or book globally via using our direct search.

By calling a hotel before booking a better deal may be obtained. Ask about discounts and exclusive travel deals that may be better bargains than advertised on a travel website. Be pleasant when enquiring about discounts and if possible use local greetings of hello and goodbye. Remember to ask all the questions before booking. Make a list of requirements, parking, pets, smoking, internet access, children play spaces, baby cots and make a holiday in a hotel booked without credit card in Malaysia hassle free. Check a hotel's location and access, are there too many stairs and is it near where you want to be. Know what to expect before you arrive.

Mostly searched locations in Malaysia and in other countries

Kuala Lumpur


Kota Kinabalu

George Town



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Good Hotels in the Center of Kuala Lumpur

If you are looking for some good hotels, we recommend you the following Hotels in the center. Check out roght away if there is as rate available for the booking without credit card.

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