How does the Hotel booking without credit card work?

Let's take a look at the hoteliers point of view: approximately 12% of all bookings will be cancelled or a resulting in an no show. In the worst case the hotel is completely booked out and the hotelier would not have had any problems selling the room to an other traveller. But instead he ends up with an empty rooms and the missing profit. So for no surprise the hotelier wants to assure he is not going to miss the opportunity for profit again by selling rates with no possibility for cancellation. With this safety in mind he is able to calculate better, cheaper prices per room night. The customers credit card number is the most common way to achieve this safety.

Therefore you will always encounter a special rate to book without credit card, which is a little more expensive than the cheapest rate. If you have selected the hotel room of your choice but would like to book at another portal, you can go and try to find the same hotel and check out the avaliable rates. Unfortunately, not all platforms offer a possibility to book without credit card. Use the search above and look for "Bookable without credit card sign at hotels.
HRS If you are planning an arrival later than 6pm, your reservation can only be granted with your credit card. Check for "Flex Rate".
Expedia It is possible to book without credit card. offers the Option "Pay later", but you will still be asked a credit card for the reservation. There is a new tag "Bookable without a credit card" for some selected hotels.
Opodo It is not possible to book without a credit card. Booking partner is self. It is not possible to book without a credit card.

You want to book via Booking com without a credit card?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Booking com recommends his visitors the usage of the credit card of a friend or relative. This card will not be charged but it is necessary to give the data for a reservation.

Mostly searched Countries for Hotel Booking without Credit Card

Mostly searched Countries for hotel booking without credit card: Malaysia | Spain | Philippines | China | Canada | Thailand

Why book a hotel without credit card

Sometimes you may find yourself wanting to book a hotel room without a credit card. This may be because you do not have a credit card or are concerned with using your credit card safely online. This may appear to be impossible as the majority of hotels require a credit card in order to book online, but thankfully this is no longer a problem and it is easy to make a hotel reservation online throughout Germany for all around the globe with Hotels Without Credit Cards. What's more it is free to make a cancellation!

How to book without a credit card

Making a hotel booking without a credit card is extremely easy. Simply enter your desired hotel location in the search box, then enter the desired dates for arrival and departure, then state the number of beds and rooms and then click on search. You will then be presented with a list of hotels that can be booked without a credit card in your chosen location. Many hotels are happy to make a booking without requiring a payment in advance if the guest is able to arrive by a set time. That time is usually 6 PM for hotels in Germany and Europe. It is however possible to check in later should there be any delay as long as the hotel is informed, otherwise the room may go to someone else.

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So if you are planning a trip to Germany or Worldwide for business or pleasure and would rather not use a credit card to make a hotel booking - never fear! There are no shortage of excellent hotels that will be happy to book a hotel room for your without a payment in advance. You can use our excellent search engine to find the perfect hotel for you and make your booking online without a credit card quickly and easily.

Good Hotels in England

If you are looking for some good hotels, we recommend you the following hotels in the center. Check out right away if there is as rate available for the booking without credit card.

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